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Piano teacher Rhonda Bradley
Piano lessons in your home in Boerne, Stone Oak, and Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
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Welcome to Boerne Lessons

Piano lessons in your home

Welcome to Boerne Lessons!

learn the cups songPiano lessons in your home by Rhonda Bradley in Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.  Learn to play your favorite songs with a patient teacher who has over 20 years experience teaching piano.  You'll love the music and programs that help keep you and your children inspired to make music!

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Be sure to browse  the site while you're here!  You'll find blog posts, practicing tips, lessons videos, sheet music and more.


What to expect from piano lessons:

• You'll learn music reading, theory, and performance

• Even kids can learn to play piano using their favorite songs

• Informal recitals are held once or twice a year

• Formal recitals are held once a year

• Piano workshops will be held about three times a year

• Certificate testing will be availablle by Fall 2016

And you'll have fun, too! Rhonda's approach to teaching is a healthy, friendly, and contemporary approach to build a strong musical foundation. You'll receive all of the important music foundation necessary to play for a lifetime, with a teacher who is patient and friendly.

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